Since I was a young girl I have always loved collecting sea glass around Pembrokeshire with my granddad. He taught me about the history of the glass and how long it has been tumbling in the ocean to become so beautiful and smooth.

While backpacking in Australia, I was collecting sea glass on a hidden cove. I decided that I would make something beautiful from the frosted pieces of glass that I have found over the years.

The Salt Beach lifestyle is truly wonderful! I spend lots of time at some of my favourite beaches around Pembrokeshire. I then create bespoke pieces of jewellery in my workshop accompanied by Jack Johnson music and a cuppa.

The up-cycled silver spoon jewellery has been a great way of bringing something old back to life. Each of my paintings is inspired by the stunning views I am so fortunate to live by.

Beach Cleans

I recently started ‘Save The Wave’ which encourages individuals around the country to partake in beach clean ups.

The beaches I clean the most are Freshwater West, Angle and Barafundle Bay.

I find it extremely therapeutic and have always found that others are encouraged to love and take care of our stunning coastline.